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GI Binding Wire

YKM Fence is one of the top GI Binding Wire Suppliers in UAE  having an industial expertise of over 40 years serving across industries. When it comes to reinforcing structures, GI binding wire plays an indispensable role. YKM Fence, a distinguished brand in the UAE, stands out as the premier supplier of top-grade GI binding wire.

GI Binding Wire Materials

  • Galvanized Iron Binding Wire : Galvanized Iron Binding Wire is Electro Galvanized with a layer of Zinc Coating.
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Binding Wire : Hot Dipped Galvanized Binding Wire has relatively 5 times more thicker zinc coating than Electro Galvanized Binding Wire.

Features of GI Binding Wires

  • The Zinc Coating prevents the product safe from corrosion
  • Possess High yield strength
  • Ideal for holding lapped bars in perfect position
  • GI Binding Wire helps in evacuating the solid into edges without disturbing the rebars
  • More Flexibility aids in tying knots without causing them to break.

Applications of Galvanized Iron Binding Wire

Applications Of Chain Link Fencing

They are majorly used for:

  • Tying in lawns, garden, construction sites and hardware
  • Earthing of Overhead Transmission Line
  • Powerhead Transmission Line
  • Binding wire fencing on poles and is also used in different industrial applications.

Where to buy GI Binding wire?

YKM is the Leading GI Binding Wire Manufacturer in UAE supply for over 30 Years across country. All our Binding Wire Products are TUV14001 & TUV9001 Quality Certified. We make sure to provide top quality wire at best price to our clients.