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Razor Wire Suppliers in UAE


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Razor Wire Suppliers in UAE

YKM Fence is one of Leading Razor Wire Suppliers in UAE, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah & across GCC Countries. Razor Wires are also called Concertina Wire is the most widely used in all environments and sites to satisfy medium to highest grade of site security. It has simple but high security structure for both Private and Commercial applications. The Razor Wires are commonly used in combination with GI Chain Link Fencing or GI Welded Fence

Razor Wire

Razor wire is a type of security fencing usually used to prevent livestock from escaping. It is similar to barbed wire in construction but features sharp razor like shape, rather than barbs. The name “Razor Wire” is actually taken from an early brand name, “Razor Ribbon,” which was used to distinguish the fencing from barbed wire.

Razor Wire Types

  • Galvanized Iron Razor Wire
  • Stainless Steel Razor Wire
  • Powder Coating Razor Wire (Green, Beige Blue, & More)

We are the Leading Fencing Supplier in UAE supplying all grades of security fencing solution at Factory Pricing. Mail us on [email protected]

Features of Concertina Razor Wires

  • Economical way as perimeter barriers against illegal invasion to restricted areas.
  • Attractive design in harmony with natural beauty.
  • The sharp blade provides high level of deterrence to intruders.
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistance for long duration.
  • Razor Wire for Border Defense 
  • Enclosed high tensile core wire provide extra safety making it difficult to cut with standard tools.
  • Sharp Blades provide much better security compared with traditional barbed wire.
  • Works as wall topping or standalone fence.
  • Low maintenance & Easy Installation.

Applications of Razor Wire

  • Razor wire provides perimeter security solutions to restricted areas’ mainly in commercial, industrial, residential, government and other fields that needs higher level of protection.
  • Prevent Livestock from escaping

Where to buy Razor wire?​

YKM is the Top Concertina Razor Wire Suppliers in UAE supply for over 30 Years across country. All our Concertina Wire Products are TUV14001 & TUV9001 Quality Certified. We make sure to provide top quality Razor Wire at best price to our clients.