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Waterproof Shade Net

YKM Fence, is the Leading  Waterproof Shade Cloth Suppliers in UAE combines the exceptional properties & features of shade netting with a clear laminated high density polyethylene HDPE Waterproof Coating. These Waterproof Shade Cloth provides a unique reinforcing membrane that supports the coating giving extra rigidity and strength against wind & hail.

Properties of Waterproof Shade Net

  • Tear Resistant & Long lasting
  • Waterproof
  • Highly Durable
  • UV Stabilized
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable by nature.
  • Excellent Wind Resistance Property
  • Thick Polyethylene Material.
  • Waterproof Shade net does not discolour.
  • Waterproof Shade Net Cloth are Eco-friendly in nature

Applications Of Waterproof Shade Net​

When it comes to YKM Waterproof Shade Net applications are distributed among different Industries. Some of the major applications of YKM waterproof shading cloth are as follow:

  • Waterproof shade nets have major applications agricultural process field
  • Waterproof shade nets from YKM is majorly used in horticulture process as well
  • Waterproof shade cloth have large scale application in nurseries
  • Places prone to extreme rainfall also utilize these shade net

About YKM

Waterproof Shade Net

YKM Fence is the most trusted company since 1984 and our team of experts are capable of manufacturing Waterproof Shade net, Commercial 95 Shade NetGreen House Shade net, Construction Shade Net, Playground Shade net, Car Park Shades with UV Shading from 60% to 95%

Waterproof Shade Net

YKM Fence Shade Nets are Knitted Shade Cloths designed to stand up to the different natural calamities like heavy rainfall and a wide variety of temperature extremes, making it one of the most durable waterproof outdoor shading cloth available. YKM Fence Shade Net Cloths are Quality Certified, Durable. shade net variant available in shade factors from 60 to 95 % you can have a long list of choices that meets your requirement.