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YKM Fence is one of the top Shade Net Green Suppliers in UAE combines the exceptional properties & features of shade net with a clear laminated high density polyethylene HDPE Coating. In the arid climate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the demand for effective shade solutions has seen a remarkable upsurge. Shade nets, particularly the shade net green have gained immense popularity due to their multi-faceted applications as greenhouse shadenet, construction shade net and more. YKM Fence has always been  the top Shade Net Green suppliers in UAE capable of supplying green shade net 80%, 90% and 95% Shading.

Properties Of Shade Net Green

Temperature Regulation

Shade nets play a pivotal role in moderating temperature extremes. With temperatures soaring to high levels in the UAE, shade nets provide a controlled environment essential for optimal plant growth and construction work.

UV Protection

The harsh rays of the sun can be damaging. Shade nets act as a protective shield, reducing the harmful impact of UV rays on plants and workers alike.

Energy Savings

Shade net green significantly reduce the need for cooling systems, thereby conserving energy in both agricultural and construction setups.

Water Conservation

In a region characterized by water scarcity, shade nets aid in water conservation by minimizing evaporation and maintaining soil moisture levels.

Enhanced Crop Quality and Yield

For the UAE’s agriculture, shade nets offer a controlled environment that promotes healthy plant growth, resulting in improved crop quality and higher yields.

Applications Of Shade Net

When it comes to YKM Green Shading Net applications are distributed among different Industries. Some of the major applications includes: 

Green Shade Net for Green house

Green Shade Net are extensively used as greenhouse farming shadenet, where they regulate light and temperature, fostering optimal conditions for cultivating a wide range of crops including fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants.


In the UAE’s ambitious landscaping projects, YKM shade net green create comfortable recreational spaces, protecting visitors from the sun’s intensity.

Green Shade Net for Construction

Shade nets are indispensable in the construction industry, providing a safer and cooler working environment for laborers, thereby enhancing productivity and safety.

About YKM

YKM Fence is one of the best  Shade net green Supplier supply Knitted higly quality Shade net that are designed to stand up to the different natural calamities like heavy rainfall and a wide variety of temperature extremes, making it one of the most durable waterproof outdoor shading cloth available. Our Shade Nets are Quality Certified & Durable and supply shade net green with shading factors from 60 to 95 %.