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Binding Wire

At YKM, our happiness is giving the customer all sorts of top-notch quality binding wire and have always been the Top Binding Wire Suppliers in UAE for supplying the best quality wires to our clients. Binding wire is very common in the construction industry and its extremely important to consider the quality of these wires before choosing one. The Binding Wires is called Mild Steel Annealed Wire which is more likely used in the construction sector for tying the junctions/joints so as to keep the structure intact.  

Binding Wire Materials

Binding Wires are available as

We are the Leading Binding wire supplier in Dubai supplying all grades of binding wire at Factory Pricing. Mail us on [email protected]

Features of Binding Wire

  • Highly flexible wire aids in tying knots without causing them to break.
  • Annealing of these binding wire permits the cables to remain delicate for simplicity of use.
  • They help in evacuating the solid into the edges without disturbing the rebars
  • Ideal for holding lapped bars in the perfect position.

Applications Of Binding Wire

  • Utilized in different enterprises for packing finished products.
  • Annealed Binding wire is employed for binding reinforcement sections, metalwork, pillars, dividers, segments, etc. Specifically, it’s employed in solid development.
  • The binding wire will give a safe hold buttressing bars of various extents.
  • Binding wire employed for the generation of welded wire mesh, Woven Wire Mesh and for the product of barbed wire.
  • Binding wires are employed for hanging hops and stations.

Where to Buy Binding Wire?

YKM is the Leading binding wire manufacturer in UAE supply for over 30 Years across country. We are market leader in supplying fencing since 1984. All our Binding Wire Products are TUV14001 & TUV9001 Quality Certified. We make sure to provide top quality wire at best price to our clients.