Stainless Steel Chain Link Fencing Suppliers in UAE


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Stainless Steel Chain Link Fencing Suppliers in UAE

Stainless Steel Chain Link Fencing

YKM FENCE is the Leading Stainless Steel Chain Link Fencing Suppliers in UAE since 1984. Stainless steel chain link fence is relatively more expensive compared to galvanized or PVC coated chain link fence. The alkali resistance is comparatively high and can sustain high temperature, even in harsh weather conditions, it can keep long-term bright luster which turns out to be a dominant advantage over other types of fences. Stainless Steel Chain Link Fence is recommended for high grade enclosures or barriers such as in airports, highways or other applications where high-level protection is needed.

What are the properties of Stainless Steel chain link fence?

Stainless Steel Chain Link Fencing Suppliers in UAE

Diamond Woven pattern of the ss chain link fence provides strong, durable and flexible construction. The closely spaced diamond mesh structure gives your fence linear strength and springy texture to protect horses from injury and prevent predators from entering paddocks and pastures. The main features of Stainless Steel Chain Link Fences are :

  • High Alkali Resistance.
  • Harsh Conditions Resistance.
  • Chances of bending, Sagging or Breaking is minimal.
  • Low Carbon Emission & Eco Friendly.
  • Durable on a wide range of weather
  • High Mechanical Strength
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Flexible in Nature
  • Standardised & Custom Size Available
Chain Link Fence Supplier in UAE

Applications of YKM Stainless Steel Chain Link Fence

YKM Best Stainless Steel Chain Link Fencing Suppliers in UAE is capable of supplying Chain Fencing in a variety of thickness and other specification. Based on the size of the wires, opening, Chain Link Fence from YKM can be sold either sold as flat panels or as roll. Some Major Applications of Chain Link Fencing are listed below

  1. Fencing
  2. Leisure Sports Fields
  3. Chain Link Gabion Wall
  4. Decorative Purposes
  5. Solar Plant Fencing


YKM Fence is the Leading Stainless Steel Chain Link Fencing Suppliers in UAE capable of manufacturing Stainless Steel Chain Link of grade SS304, SS316, SS316L which is used widely for fencing in Playground and Gardens, Superhighway, Railway, Airport, Port, Residence, etc.

Stainless Steel Chain Link Fence is consider comparatively expensive but are more durable & rust resistance compared to the other grades thereby making it a popular choice in Public Fencing. Stainless Steel Chain Link Fencing is also a top choice by residents and buildings near to the Coastal Region due to its Corrosion Resistance property.

Chain Link fence Manufacturer
Stainless Steel Chain Link from YKM Fence

Leisure Sports Fields

SS Chain Link Fence is mainly utilized for safeguarding of leisure sports field, football field, park, garden, green field, parking field, due to its convenience, flexible installation, versatility, rust resistance property

Chain Link Gabion Wall

Chain Link Gabion Walls is a creation of a barrier using Stainless Steel Chainlink Fence and rocks that prevents soil erosion in coast and embankment stabilization. These walls:

  • Prevents the sliding and washouts of water, prevents soil erosion
  • Prevents sliding off or washout of soil
  • Decoration Purpose & more
Chain Link Fence for Animal Cage

Animal Retention Cage

Stainless Steel Animal Cage or Bird Cage is ideal for pet owners and stock animal breeders who want to provide a secure environment for their animals. Stainless Steel Chain Link Animal Cages allows the flow of fresh air & allows a clear view of the Environment without impacting Safety. The Stainless Steel Animal Chain Cages can be used for litterbox training, taming feral animals or quarantining small stock animals, Birds Cage & More. Inaddition, Stainless Steel Chain link cages are resistant to corrosion.

Solar Plant Fencing​

Solar Plant Chain Link Fencing is the utilization of Stainless Steel Chain Link Fencing to build a boundary around the Solar Plant. Stainless Steel Electric Chain Link Fences are more commonly used as SS Chain-link Fence tends to conduct electricity more compared to others.

Manufacturing Capacity

YKM Fence started functioning in the year 1984 and with expert team of R&D and successful collaboration with our clients is capable of manufacturing Stainless Steel SS304, SS316 & SS316L Chain Link Fence and with Hot Dipped, Galvanized & PVC Coating Chain Link Fence.

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