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Hot Dip Galvanized Chain Link Fence

YKM FENCE is the Leading Hot Dipped Galvanized Chain Link Fence Suppliers in UAE  since 1984. HD Fencing  is most popular and relatively inexpensive method compared to Stainless Steel Chain Link Fence and for protecting chain link fence systems. Hot Dip Galvanized Chain Link Fence offers a strong zinc layer coating preventing corrosion which makes it a versatile fencing solutions that will provide year of maintenance-free protection.

Properties of Hot Dipped Chain Link Fence

  • Low processing cost : Hot Dipped Chain Link Fence costs less than other Stainless-Steel Chain link Fence
  • Good reliability : Between Zinc coating layer and mild steel, there is metallurgical bond, which becomes a part of the steel surface. This improves the durability of its coating and making it more reliable.
  • Strong toughness :  The metallurgical structure can bear the mechanical damage during delivery and use, is formed on the zinc coating layer.
  • Comprehensive Protection : Each part of the Hot Dipped Chain Link Fence can be coated with zinc, even in the depression, sharp corners and hidden parts can be fully protected.
  • Corrosion : High Resistance to Corrosion due to its Strong Zinc Coating
  • No Carbon Footprint : 0 Carbon Emission & Eco Friendly
  • Durable : High Durability on a wide range of weather

Applications of Hot Dipped Chain Link Fence

  1. Perimeter Fencing
  2. Leisure Sports Field Fence

Fencing: Being the Best Hot Dipped Galvanized Chain Link Fence Suppliers in UAE, YKM Fence Hot Dipped Chain Link Fence is the top choice of experts installing fencing in Coastal Region, Playground Fencing, Security Fence, Park or School Fence.

It’s highly durability and extremely versatile offers clear visibility, thereby making it the top choice for fencing in properties which need proper vigilance. Cyclone Fences are well seen in high secruity military installation, lower security prisons, private residences, and offices. It is also utilized as Fencing Solution in factories and industrial locations as the guard material to border all the heavy equipments and machineries.

PVC Animal Retention Cage: Hot Dipped Animal Cage or Bird Cage is ideal for pet owners and stock animal breeders who want to provide a secure environment for their animals. Hot Dipped Chain Link Animal Cages allows the flow of fresh air & allows a clear view of the Environment without impacting Safety. The Hot Dipped Animal Cage can be used for litterbox training, taming feral animals or quarantining small stock animals, Birds Cage & More.

  • Animal Retention Cage
  • Hot Dipped Chain Link Fence Gabion Wall
  • Decoration Purpose

Leisure Sports Fields: HD Chain Link Fence is mainly utilized for safeguarding of leisure sports field, football field, park, garden, green field, parking field, due to its convenience, flexible installation, versatility, rust resistance property.

About YKM

Applications Of Chain Link Fencing

Manufacturing Capacity

YKM Fence started functioning in the year 1984 and with expert team of R&D and successful collaboration with our clients is capable of manufacturing Stainless Steel Chain Link fence of grade SS304, SS316 & SS316L, Galvanized & PVC Coating Chain Link Fence

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Quality Control Standards

HOT DIP GALVANIZED IRON CHAIN LINK MESH is manufactured by galvanizing processing in which the material is dipped in molten zinc. Its speed of production and coating thickness is not uniform, but the coating is 5 to 10 times thicker than in Electro Galvanized.

HOT DIPPED GALVANIZED CHAIN LINK FENCE is a process of putting it in liquid zinc in a high temperature heating way. Under the impact of high temperature and catalyst, there will be a series of chemical reactions which finally makes the surface of YKM chain link fence coated by zinc. Through hot dip galvanizing, chain link fence will have bright appearance and strong corrosion resistance.