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GI Chain Link Fencing

YKM Group is one of the top GI Chain link fencing Suppliers in UAE supply all kinds of chain link fencing suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Mild Steel is the substrate material over which GI Coating is applied. They are widely chosen due to its durability, strength, and resistance to corrosion properties.

Properties Of GI Chain Link Fencing

Diamond Locked galvanized chainlink fence woven pattern provides strong, durable, and flexible construction. The closely spaced Cyclone mesh structure gives your fence linear strength and springy texture to protect horses from injury and prevent predators from entering paddocks and pastures. The main features of chain link fence UAE are:

  • Harsh Conditions Resistance.
  • Chances of bending, Sagging or Breaking is minimal.
  • Low Carbon Emission & Eco Friendly.
  • Durable on a wide range of weather
  • High Mechanical Strength
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Flexible in Nature
  • Standardized & Custom Size Available
  • High Alkali Resistance.

Applications of Chain Link Fencing

We are one of the Best GI Chain Link Fencing Suppliers supply fencing of variable thickness & openings. Based on the size of the wires, opening, Stainless Steel Chain Link Fence from YKM can be sold either sold as roll. Some Major Applications of Chain Link Fencing are listed below :

  • Leisure Sports Fields
  • Chain Link Gabion Wall
  • Decorative Purposes
  • Solar Plant Fencing

About YKM

Applications Of Chain Link Fencing

YKM Fence is a well-known GI Chain Link Fencing Supplier in UAE, renowned for providing high-quality security fencing. Our reputation as the leading fencing manufacturer on the continent is attributed to our stringent quality control measures. 

We utilize standard gauge M.S. wire, over which the Galvanized Coating is applied. Our team of experts meticulously inspects both the raw materials and finished products to ensure that our high standards are met. We do not use recycled materials in our manufacturing process. 

Furthermore, our manufacturing equipment undergoes regular inspections by expert teams to ensure it is in top condition. We offer a range of chain link fencing options, including galvanized, stainless steel, hot-dipped, and PVC coated chain link fencing.

YKM Fence is capable of manufacturing Chain Link Fence with GI, HD Chain Link Fence & Stainless Steel & PVC Coated Chain Link Fence.